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bE A gObSHiTe!
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A mESsAgE fRoM ouR LeAdEr
Hello to all my fellow gobshites!...
in reply you'se who've e-mailed me directly to ask it you can join
our gang-no worries.....all you've got to do it's dead

1.Dont bullshit
2.Dont beleive anything you read/hear/see unless you were there
3.Dont accept anything if you dont agree with it
4.Make sure that you let everyone know you dont agree with it
5.Fuck polital-correctness and replace with it with its obvious arch-enemy.....COMMON SENSE
6.Always wear top shoes
7.Dont go to 'courses' in London from jobs to 'Learn' how to talk to people and other 'complicated' things like talking / breathing / blinking / sustaining-pulses....
8.Travel from London to Manchester on the virgin rail network (going to said couses)feeling all important cause youre mates/family think you're dead windswept, and get a fukin laptop out and play solitaire, and constantly dust your snide top-man suit whenever i ask to get out cause i want a brew.
9.Get all chuffed cause you've got the newest Radiohead 'ring-bastard-tone' in your shiny-internet ready-puts the kettle-on mobile phone and it's just rang and now everyone knows just how 'cool' and 'with
it' you are..... THELEEGRIFFITHS......

with love +diazepam(or stilnoct)
your king Gobshite.......

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