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Lee Griffiths
  Lee Forsyth Griffiths at Glastonbury 2015 - click to zoom image in new window

"Lee Griffiths is an amazing singer songwriter who's been knocking around Manchester for years. I ran into him on the street the other day and he was surprised that I recognised him. I don't know why he thought I'd forget him - he's got an amazing voice and he's a very very talented man.

Lots of great music gets lost due to the nuts and bolts and nonsense of the music industry. Elbow have had their problems as well: we were signed and dropped twice before we got our debut album out - and it's great to see someone else sticking in there and coping with it.

He's rough round the edges, he's very definitely a Manc. If you get John Martyn, mix him up with a little bit of... well, you'll hear it in his voice. His music speaks for itself. Armchair Anarchy's his new album and "Meet me Halfway" is absolutely beautiful. Good luck this time around, mate. You well deserve it.

GUY GARVEY (BBC Radio 6Music)

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